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Bloated up with emotions

What do you usually do when your emotion bloats up like it is going to burst out from your chest? Different people have different ways of dealing with it.  For me I usually get knocked down by my emotions. When the emotions are at its peak, I talk very less. I will be sitting on my bed trying to think, the reasons of me being so emotional. If I find a reason I try to put myself in their shoes and think that what they did may not be intentionally, that everyone is fighting their own battle, that not everyone is perfect. I try to reason out so many things both realistic and unrealistic and when I am contend with my reasons the emotions slowly slips away.

Sometimes the reason just doesn't pops out of my mind. At that time I really find it hard to deal with it and I start calling my best friends who are miles away from me yet always there for me whenever I need them. I starts complaining about my pathetic life and the situations and they try to console me and believe me at the end of…

Slowly and gradually

Slowly and gradually I will leave your side Like you want me to be Slowly and gradually I will keep distance from you Like you expect me to be Slowly and gradually I will move on Like you want me to be Sorry for bothering you a lot lately Because I find it harder dear Harder than I thought to stay away from you The thought of cutting contact with you Pricks me and I find it harder to deal with it The thought of not seeing you scares me The thought of not knowing how you doing Pushes me into the world of questionnaire Sorry dear but I shall try Slowly and gradually I will go away Slowly and gradually it will be like I was never a part of your life Till then bear with me dear Slowly and gradually i will become invisible to you