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The hurricane

Let me weep today For I have felt the hurricane Let me mourn today For I have lost the precious jewel In the vicinity of the assumption Did I dwell for such long Wishing for the brighter day at the end Believing and trusting with my every ounce Was I foolish for not have read the signs? For I could have stopped the hurricane Now the hurricane has left Taking my only precious jewel away I have no choice but to weep For I have better plans for tomorrow For I believe everything happens for a reason So let me weep today only For I have felt the hurricane.


I stand alone all by myself again  Not having a single soul to call mine Trying to console myself with various reasons Asking what have I done wrong? I don’t have a shoulder to cry on I don’t have an ear to listen to me All those people whom I cared has their own life I don’t blame them for not being there for me I curse myself for not being strong enough I curse myself for expecting a lot from others Hours goes by drowning me in the pool of sadness Crippled do I feel to tackle the unknown problems And all I want to do is just weep. For I have lost control over my life.

Last letter

It’s 24th April today, I waited for her where we used to meet every year. The sky was clear and the wind was gently blowing touching me with its tenderness.  I sat on the flat rock looking around admiring the changes it has gone through over the years. Everything has changed, before there was nothing but a landscape filled with bushes and other vegetation. Now there is a four storey building used as an office for some private firm. I thought that they would have excavated the rock where I used to sit with her talking for hours until it was too late to go home but I was wrong, they have kept the rock exactly the way it was, untouched in its own natural form. I wondered who would be the proprietor of the building who seems to have the attachment with the rock as I was. 24th April 1972 It was the first night of our meeting; she was not comfortable to meet with me where people can see us so the only place I could find was this place which was filled with bushes that time. She has kept her …

Broken castle

As I saw him waiting for me in the air port my heart leapt filled with happiness and I wanted to run and hug him but I controlled myself and strolled towards him. We hugged each other but I felt something, unknown feelings of sadness as if it was warning me about something dreadful. Namdrel spoke very little unlike his usual self. He seemed drown in his thought and I wonderedwhatis that thing which is distracting my Namdrel.I thought that it was tension about our marriage which was arranged in the November. Our parents wanted us to marry fast due to so many stupid reasons. Somehow there was an aura of discomfort and I had to drag my word “are you all right namdrel?” I asked him. “Yes why?” he asked me back. “You look lost, and aren’t you happy that I am back?” He was silent for a moment and then after a while he cleared his throat and said” I am happy. Why shouldn't I be happy?”  But his answer didn't convince me. I wondered what had gone wrong way back home. But everything w…