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The creepy new year eve

On 31stof December 2014, we left for Sigulda, an hour by train from the Riga city centre.Sigulda is known as one of the tourist destination in Latvia. Since we booked the hotel at the last moment we couldn’t get nearby hotel. When we reached there only we knew that the hostel we booked was on the other side of the valley. We had to go by cable car because we were tired of searching for hostel in the wrong place for about three hours.
We met some tourist from Lithuania in cable car and we thought that they were going to stay in the same hostel we booked. The hostel looked like a museum or a big mansion. We met one lady who takes care of the hostel. She was very polite and gave us the main door key. It was a big mansion and she told us to lock the hostel when we sleep since we were the only guest that night.  I began to have a creepy feeling. The mansion was so big and bit old. She gave us the key of the main door which worked at first. But when we tried again it did not work.  Then she …