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Plead to time

The clock is ticking fast So days are getting older The vision of past are fading Yet the pain remains fresh Enveloped with an unknown fear The load getting heavier on inner side Life seems dull and lone some And I in the quest of cure But strategy followed seems to fail At the end I am back to where it all began Says time heals everything But how long is it going to take Heal me fast because I can’t endure it anymore Am done pretending to be strong Am shaken, broken and I am scared. I am terrified what I have to face next. So heal me fast dear time because I can’t take it anymore……

The denial

She stared with the curve on her face as the curtain of her life slowly fell down. She could neither weep nor did grief for she has realized that she had already lost the battle before it was fought. All she could feel now is an emptiness filled with weariness. And I know for a very long time she would not acknowledge that feeling of loss because she is a stupid girl filled with her thought of fantasy. She would reason out so many times until she make herself believe that she had control over her fantasy but alas if it was true. But not today, she has to come out of her world of fantasy; she has to face the reality of her life. How long is she going to dwell in the tower of false hope? She has to let go things that are not meant for her. She has to learn that there is love when you hold on and there is also love when you let go. She has to accept the fact and the truth. She can’t deny today with her reasoning as the curtain has already fallen, she can’t deny even if she want. She must…