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The confession

As i stare at nothingness in front of me, a feeling of emptiness started to crawl into my soul longing for someone whom I have not met for years. It is not the first time I have felt those emptiness but every time I feel, I fall victim to it. I could not do anything to erase those feelings. May be sometime it is better to let the time heal. But I know that it will take a very long time since I have problem of letting go. Or maybe I never let anyone go. Will he forgive me if I go back to that place?  Thequestion lingers in my mind. I stare at his photo in one of social network and wondered why after all this years he called me and suddenly told me that he is getting married. Is it because there is still hope for us to get together or is it something else. I shut down my lap top and tried to drive his thought away, but the harder I tried the longer it persisted. I took the first flight next day and by afternoon I was back to where it all started.  I met my friend Tshomo who as soon as sh…

Between more and less

I am a little less scared dear For I know I have you with me I am a little more hopeful For you let me see the brighter side  I fell for you little more every day For you make me feel secure I ask little less about the puzzle of life And I thank more for what I have For the little more memory everyday Thank you little more day by day And In between the little more and the little less The journey of life suddenly seem  worth the ride

Halt for sometime..

Wake me not for a while dear time I want to live in this moment  Want to feel more for sometime Coz I haven’t felt this way for a very long time Stand still for a while dear time Like you stood when I wanted you to sprint Now you are doing the other way round Why can’t we cooperate for some time I do not wish for never ending happiness But just for sometime halt for a while Coz If this is a dream then it is a beautiful one So let me dwell in it just for little more

Who is she?

There was something about her that drove my attention. She walks elegantly through the graveyard of sadness. She carries herself with grace and beauty through the challenges she has to face every day. She conceals her pain and dreams if it contradict with the thought of people she love. She rejoices in their happiness and she thinks more about her loved one than she ever does for herself. Who is this selfless woman?  She does not complain even if things do not turn into her favor.  She works hard and makes sure that people she love and care do not go through the things she went through.  At the end of the day if asked about her remarkable achievement in life then she would say” Raising my kids” With a smile. So there is something different about her and I wonder who she is….