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Bloated up with emotions

What do you usually do when your emotion bloats up like it is going to burst out from your chest? Different people have different ways of dealing with it.  For me I usually get knocked down by my emotions. When the emotions are at its peak, I talk very less. I will be sitting on my bed trying to think, the reasons of me being so emotional. If I find a reason I try to put myself in their shoes and think that what they did may not be intentionally, that everyone is fighting their own battle, that not everyone is perfect. I try to reason out so many things both realistic and unrealistic and when I am contend with my reasons the emotions slowly slips away.

Sometimes the reason just doesn't pops out of my mind. At that time I really find it hard to deal with it and I start calling my best friends who are miles away from me yet always there for me whenever I need them. I starts complaining about my pathetic life and the situations and they try to console me and believe me at the end of…

Slowly and gradually

Slowly and gradually I will leave your side Like you want me to be Slowly and gradually I will keep distance from you Like you expect me to be Slowly and gradually I will move on Like you want me to be Sorry for bothering you a lot lately Because I find it harder dear Harder than I thought to stay away from you The thought of cutting contact with you Pricks me and I find it harder to deal with it The thought of not seeing you scares me The thought of not knowing how you doing Pushes me into the world of questionnaire Sorry dear but I shall try Slowly and gradually I will go away Slowly and gradually it will be like I was never a part of your life Till then bear with me dear Slowly and gradually i will become invisible to you

The forbidden path

She sought solace in the land of confusion and worry The bitterness surrounding her The core principle to remain independent . The harshness of the world has implanted wound Deep down beyond the power of healing. She neither craved for the happiness nor acknowledged beauty that tries to embrace her Engraved in the pool of sadness and hatred Torn apart by the shattered dream, unrequited love, broken family. Will she ever get out the of the cruel cage. The time passes by but she remained chained by the unknown sadness. There is neither summer nor spring for her. Every changing weather brought more confusion and sadness. Will she ever smell that fragrance of happiness. A stranger passes her and for a very first time she tries to give herself another chance. The question of confusion and doubt surrounding her she did what she never did before. But that was also a fair weather beauty enveloped with lies,betrayal and disappointment She steps backward from that forbidden path never to step…

The emptiness

Walking down the lonely lane Memory flashes like a movie Walking side by side under the crimson sky Laughing at the silly joke Making fun of each other Holding hand like the happy lover She smiles through the tears  Happy moment of yesterday gone Confronted with the ugly truth Lack of understanding, compromises Hurting each other for the reason unknown Wept silently scared to wake the world around Lying awake under the dim light Trying to understand what had gone wrong Thinking  to be happy without him Whispers to the almighty above To teach her to be happy without him

The solitary night

With the colorful dim light and the sound of rock song filling the air of the discotheque one could be so lost in the moment of enjoyment. The music was new and full of rhythm. One would not withstand to sit there listening to that music. The music feels the nerve with the unknown move and if the heart were young the music would make its way to the lips till it drags the fellow young heart to the dance floor. Such was the scenario of that night. But amidst the crazy crowd lost in the moment I was enjoying  not the music but the torture  personality of a weird woman. I was sitting near the counter taking my drinks when a lady in mid-twenties sat beside me. She just sat there abruptly and asked the bartender to prepare the hardest drink. I thought…girl hanging out at night what a disgrace to her family. When the bartender offered the drink she asked the bartender weather it would ease the pain she was going through. I was irritated with her. What kind of women is she..Must have fought wit…

The encounter….

She spoke softly and diligently trying to grasp the attention of the audience. I heard nothing, I was captured by her thoughts…and the word came shouting at me as if it was yesterday I will never see you again…but why did we meet again I thought. Is this some kind of coincidence or does god wants us to meet. I didn’t know that she had completed her presentation and the audience applauded. She took her file and walked out of the stage.  My eyes followed her till the door and she disappeared.  My unconscious mind told me to walk to her and talk with her. But I was scared or maybe I was nervous. I could not figure out. After sometime we parted for lunch and my wearing eyes searched for her. She was with her friend looking grim as ever. I don’t know what had happened to me but I saw myself walking towards her. Shestared at me giving me kind of alarmed expression. After a while she smiled or was she trying to smile. “Can I join you? “I asked. She looked around trying to avoid me but her frie…

Was that a beginning?

She cuddled herself in her bed with a laptop resting against her two knees. She closed her eyes fearing what she would hear next. Her roommate slammed the door and went out. In the midst of fear and anxiety her cell phone rang. It was an unknown number. When she picked up her call it was a boy on the other side. She wanted to distract herself from the current situation and so she talked gently. She does not want to hurt anyone not at this moment when she is in need of the prayer the most. The stranger told her that he is from the same college and is final year. Oh he is a senior she thought.  After telling her that he would tell her who he was later he hung up. Her roommate came back with a frightening expression. “Is it that bad…I just had weirdest image popping up in my mind now and then. The images are so scary.” she ejaculated. “She is in emergency room and the doctor is stitching wounds. I guess she is fine.” Few hours before two of her friend have gone to town in order to buy things…