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The conversation

It was one chilly January  in 2014 when I was doing temporary job in National Housing Development corporation limited (NHDCL) along with my other classmates from CST.  We use to do housing survey in the morning and compile data and make building plan in the afternoon. The office hour ends at 5 pm in the evening. Since it becomes darker earlier than the summer time, I have to walk fast to the city bus parking to catch the bus. I usually don’t take taxi because it is expensive, need to pay double the fare of the bus and I have to walk about half an hour after it drops me to the nearest stop. If I have to take taxi till home, I need to pay extra fare. I didn’t want to pay extra and I also didn’t want to walk in darkness as it creeps me out. While on the other hand, the bus drops me near my home.
There will be lots of people waiting for the bus when I reach there. Sometime I don’t get place to sit but if I am lucky enough I get on other days. May be that day was quite lucky for me since I…

Few Moments to remember

I was sitting near my study table with my laptop in front of me but I was hardly looking at it. My exam was over in the afternoon and I was looking forward for the trip me and my friends have been planning since November. I have to leave next day for our first destination but there was a battle going on in my mind. Due to recent terror incident in Paris and Brussels and some suspect caught in Berlin, my first, second and fourth destination I was quite scared. My friends and family back home told me to cancel the trip but I tried to convince them that there is nothing to worry about as the security has tightened everywhere. I told them that it is safer now then it has been before the attack. But deep down I was frightened. Lots of scary Images started to pop in my mind but cancelling the trip was never an option. The only thought I had in my mind when I left for my first destination was if I die then that’s it the end of my story.
As expected when we reached Paris the security has tight…