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Trip to Estonia and Finland

It has been almost two months since I was here in Latvia. I didn’t go out much because of my love to stay in my apartment or if I put it other way round, my laziness to go out.  So when my other Erasmus friend from Nepal and Germany came up with the plan of visiting Estonia and Finland, my laziness evaporated. I agreed to join with them after discussing with my other Bhutanese friend here.  So on 10th October 2014 we took a bus from central station, Riga at around 2 pm in the afternoon. We nearly missed the bus as our bus from the dormitory got late. We had to run to central station after bus dropped us at local bus terminal and it was such a funny sight to see all eleven of us running. People were literally staring at us. I just could not help laughing.
After 4 and half hours ride, we finally arrived in Tallinn the capital city of Estonia. We stayed in a hostel as it was much cheaper for us. We didn’t have much difficulty in finding one as the organizer has already inquired well abo…

A beautiful dream

Sometime life does not turn out to be the way we want but somehow we hope that someday it will be alright. We hope that someday we will be able to see the light flickering at the end of the tunnel.  But if not we can always dream about it and somehow it get fulfilled in some way.
As I got back home, I saw my mother weaving in the living room like always. Father was talking about his work to mother. I looked at them alarmed, giving them a confused look. It has been years since they got separated. There was calm expression on mother’s face as if everything was okey. Father grinned at me and said that they got back together.  I know I am not a kid anymore; matured enough to take my own responsibilities. I do know how to take care of myself and the people around me. But sometime I wish to see my parents together. I am still their child no matter how old I get. During their separation I could not grieve openly also. I thought their separation was best for them. If they don’t find happines…

Empty pages

She stood there for a long time She had the choice she ever wanted To stare at  the vastness of ocean Fill that vastness with her thoughts And let it sink deep into it Forever left to be forgotten She picked up her book and pen Tried to spit out thoughts she dare not to think But words failed to describe those thoughts Everything felt right at that moment Everything felt at its own place Nothing seem wrong nor bad Staring at the calmness of the ocean A feeling of tranquility swept over her As if the vastness of ocean heard her unspoken words She tried to scribble her thoughts again Was confused to feel at peace after so long But she failed to give justice to those thoughts again She looked at her empty pages worried  But gentle breeze from ocean reminded her of their presence And she knew they have read her empty pages And somehow the ocean took away her loads. And calmness crept into her again.