Empty pages

She stood there for a long time
She had the choice she ever wanted
To stare at  the vastness of ocean
Fill that vastness with her thoughts
And let it sink deep into it
Forever left to be forgotten
She picked up her book and pen
Tried to spit out thoughts she dare not to think
But words failed to describe those thoughts
Everything felt right at that moment
Everything felt at its own place
Nothing seem wrong nor bad
Staring at the calmness of the ocean
A feeling of tranquility swept over her
As if the vastness of ocean heard her unspoken words
She tried to scribble her thoughts again
Was confused to feel at peace after so long
But she failed to give justice to those thoughts again
She looked at her empty pages worried
 But gentle breeze from ocean reminded her of their presence
And she knew they have read her empty pages
And somehow the ocean took away her loads.
And calmness crept into her again.

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