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Out of blue

It was raining heavily as I ran to a restaurant for a shelter. I have forgotten to take my umbrella as usual even though my wife reminded about it several times. As I walked inside the restaurant I came across a familiar face. Both of us looked at each other surprised. She grinned at me and we hugged each other. It has been a very long time since we last met. We studied in the same college and I had a crush on her for a very long time. I could not approach her nor did she show me any sign other than friendship. I knew I was friend zoned and there was not any way out. We drifted apart after college. But something unexpected happened on the night of our graduation. As I was packing my stuff she called me and told me that she wanted to meet me. We went on a friendly walk. There was not anything romantic about it as she kept on talking about the employment opportunities. In the middle of the conversation she started teasing me with a girl; a remorse she has heard from her friends about my…

Hardest answer

There is a part of her that is dark Beneath that calm soul demon lurks Often wondered why demon dwells inside her But for so long she hasn’t received the answer She heard people calling her calm person Yet she reminded them of having darker side They laughed in disbelief She smiled knowing that it is also one of her side Not many see her darker side  With time she knew about the demon within The envious demon makes its appearance Whenever she becomes closer to someone Her demon hurts only people she care Often making them scared of her And she heard them telling her that too She wondered will anyone stand by her side with demon inside Her only answer was may be only insane will She searched for solution to kill the demons inside Then only did she get the hardest answer To stay away from the one she cares
But she wont let it win not this time


Some years ago (high school) I listened to some talks by some well known people but it seems I was not that mature enough to grasp what they said. We were asked to sit in the multi-purpose hall. We were excited not to listen to the talks but to escape from the social work (SUPW) and the scorching sun. I don’t remember what speaker told us exactly because most of the time I was sleeping with my head on friend’s back while she shielded me from the view of teachers and the speaker. Somehow in the middle of the talk I heard the speaker telling us again and again that our country Bhutan do not have anything such as powerful weapon, wealth or population that would define who we are. But what we have is something unique that none other has and that is our culture and tradition. Our unique culture and tradition define who we are. Well seriously speaking I didn’t know what he was actually talking about. And it didn’t even bother me to ponder over the things he said. As soon as the talk came to…

Thank you note

My face book home page is filled with the earthquake news that has brought major destruction in Nepal. As I scroll down the page, I see the images of people killed, structure destroyed, road damaged and a lot more.  Tears wells in my eyes when I think about the people who are undergoing this phase right now.  The death rate is also increasing. When natural disaster like this happens, we become prey to it. There are safety measures’ but lives are still lost .so  we can only hope that such disaster won’t strike again. For all those people who have lost their dear ones, I am very sorry. I pay my deepest condolence and I hope that such hours of darkness gets over soon.
When disaster like this occurs, we are reminded about how fragile our life is and about our impermanence.  We often tend to think more about what has not yet happened than to thank about what we have got so far. One day such things happen and you never got a chance to say thank you to all those wonderful people who has made…


I was a lazy person when I was in CST and in some way I still am. All I ever wanted was to keep myself within the four walls of my room and believe me it was not boring.  The assignment, term test, presentation and a lot more was there to keep us fully engaged and I do miss this things. I don’t remember of going out much except the frequent visit to the goenpa below our college. Whenever I go to goenpa my friends would make fun of me and say “are you going for your leejong(exercise) ?“ well I once told them that I was going for leejong  and since then they didn’t leave me alone for using the proper dzongkha word. Actually I really thought of taking a walk to goenpa daily because one of my friends told me that I look weak and fragile and need to do some exercise. But then I could not stick to the schedule and yes I am still weak and fragile. May be one fine day I will seriously carry out my physical exercise. Even when there are holidays for two to three days, I will prefer to stay in …

The confession

As i stare at nothingness in front of me, a feeling of emptiness started to crawl into my soul longing for someone whom I have not met for years. It is not the first time I have felt those emptiness but every time I feel, I fall victim to it. I could not do anything to erase those feelings. May be sometime it is better to let the time heal. But I know that it will take a very long time since I have problem of letting go. Or maybe I never let anyone go. Will he forgive me if I go back to that place?  Thequestion lingers in my mind. I stare at his photo in one of social network and wondered why after all this years he called me and suddenly told me that he is getting married. Is it because there is still hope for us to get together or is it something else. I shut down my lap top and tried to drive his thought away, but the harder I tried the longer it persisted. I took the first flight next day and by afternoon I was back to where it all started.  I met my friend Tshomo who as soon as sh…

Between more and less

I am a little less scared dear For I know I have you with me I am a little more hopeful For you let me see the brighter side  I fell for you little more every day For you make me feel secure I ask little less about the puzzle of life And I thank more for what I have For the little more memory everyday Thank you little more day by day And In between the little more and the little less The journey of life suddenly seem  worth the ride

Halt for sometime..

Wake me not for a while dear time I want to live in this moment  Want to feel more for sometime Coz I haven’t felt this way for a very long time Stand still for a while dear time Like you stood when I wanted you to sprint Now you are doing the other way round Why can’t we cooperate for some time I do not wish for never ending happiness But just for sometime halt for a while Coz If this is a dream then it is a beautiful one So let me dwell in it just for little more

Who is she?

There was something about her that drove my attention. She walks elegantly through the graveyard of sadness. She carries herself with grace and beauty through the challenges she has to face every day. She conceals her pain and dreams if it contradict with the thought of people she love. She rejoices in their happiness and she thinks more about her loved one than she ever does for herself. Who is this selfless woman?  She does not complain even if things do not turn into her favor.  She works hard and makes sure that people she love and care do not go through the things she went through.  At the end of the day if asked about her remarkable achievement in life then she would say” Raising my kids” With a smile. So there is something different about her and I wonder who she is….

The conversation

It was one chilly January  in 2014 when I was doing temporary job in National Housing Development corporation limited (NHDCL) along with my other classmates from CST.  We use to do housing survey in the morning and compile data and make building plan in the afternoon. The office hour ends at 5 pm in the evening. Since it becomes darker earlier than the summer time, I have to walk fast to the city bus parking to catch the bus. I usually don’t take taxi because it is expensive, need to pay double the fare of the bus and I have to walk about half an hour after it drops me to the nearest stop. If I have to take taxi till home, I need to pay extra fare. I didn’t want to pay extra and I also didn’t want to walk in darkness as it creeps me out. While on the other hand, the bus drops me near my home.
There will be lots of people waiting for the bus when I reach there. Sometime I don’t get place to sit but if I am lucky enough I get on other days. May be that day was quite lucky for me since I…

Few Moments to remember

I was sitting near my study table with my laptop in front of me but I was hardly looking at it. My exam was over in the afternoon and I was looking forward for the trip me and my friends have been planning since November. I have to leave next day for our first destination but there was a battle going on in my mind. Due to recent terror incident in Paris and Brussels and some suspect caught in Berlin, my first, second and fourth destination I was quite scared. My friends and family back home told me to cancel the trip but I tried to convince them that there is nothing to worry about as the security has tightened everywhere. I told them that it is safer now then it has been before the attack. But deep down I was frightened. Lots of scary Images started to pop in my mind but cancelling the trip was never an option. The only thought I had in my mind when I left for my first destination was if I die then that’s it the end of my story.
As expected when we reached Paris the security has tight…

The creepy new year eve

On 31stof December 2014, we left for Sigulda, an hour by train from the Riga city centre.Sigulda is known as one of the tourist destination in Latvia. Since we booked the hotel at the last moment we couldn’t get nearby hotel. When we reached there only we knew that the hostel we booked was on the other side of the valley. We had to go by cable car because we were tired of searching for hostel in the wrong place for about three hours.
We met some tourist from Lithuania in cable car and we thought that they were going to stay in the same hostel we booked. The hostel looked like a museum or a big mansion. We met one lady who takes care of the hostel. She was very polite and gave us the main door key. It was a big mansion and she told us to lock the hostel when we sleep since we were the only guest that night.  I began to have a creepy feeling. The mansion was so big and bit old. She gave us the key of the main door which worked at first. But when we tried again it did not work.  Then she …