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Journey of my Career

“What is your ambition?” perhaps this is the question asked to every student when we were in primary school. Whenever a new teacher comes to the class they will ask us to introduce and tell our ambition. I guess I was in class 2 when that question was asked for the first time. Well I don’t remember clearly who the teacher was though. Back then most of us only knew three professions namely doctor, engineer and teacher. About three fourth of the class would want to become teacher including me. I only wanted to become teacher that time because I would see my teacher eating snacks in front of us in the class and I thought being a teacher you can get all delicious snacks to eat…well only one or two teacher did like that …sorry to those who felt offended. So what I was saying was as I got upgraded my profession kept on changing. When I was in grade 9 or 10, I wanted to become Doctor Pathologist particularly. May be that was because CID an Indian series was famous that time and I use to see d…