Journey of my Career

“What is your ambition?” perhaps this is the question asked to every student when we were in primary school. Whenever a new teacher comes to the class they will ask us to introduce and tell our ambition. I guess I was in class 2 when that question was asked for the first time. Well I don’t remember clearly who the teacher was though. Back then most of us only knew three professions namely doctor, engineer and teacher. About three fourth of the class would want to become teacher including me. I only wanted to become teacher that time because I would see my teacher eating snacks in front of us in the class and I thought being a teacher you can get all delicious snacks to eat…well only one or two teacher did like that …sorry to those who felt offended.
So what I was saying was as I got upgraded my profession kept on changing. When I was in grade 9 or 10, I wanted to become Doctor Pathologist particularly. May be that was because CID an Indian series was famous that time and I use to see doctors examining dead bodies and trying to determine the cause of death. I thought being a pathologist I will get to work in lab without having to interact with people which I use to hate.  I found all those experiments done to diagnose very attractive. Even biology was easy up to grade 10 that I thought I can actually become a doctor after being a subject topper. But then that dream was soon broken when I saw thick biology text book for class XI and XII. Forget about becoming a doctor, I even skipped my trial biology exam and my biology teacher started calling me neurosis… Almost everyone I knew didn’t expect that from me. Later they told me that I was very bold, which I had to be because I had not prepared for exam and I was sure I will fail.

So that was the end of becoming a doctor and then suddenly I wanted to become Software Engineer.  That was because some people told me that we will get very good salary and will always be placed in urban areas.  So I thought why not become a software Engineer. But then that dream was also broken when I didn’t see Software Engineer slot on the scholarship list. Being from a middle class family, my parents won’t be able to send me privately and that day only did I realize the difference between rich and poor. Rich kids no matter how bad they perform in the exam, can always purse their dream unlike me.

So at the end I decided to go for teaching profession. My friends use to say that I can become a very good teacher if I become one. I don’t know how far that is true…they might have said that may be because I did like teaching them. So I thought I will pursue Honors in Physics. I have always loved physics…forces, loads, friction everything about physics use to be beautiful. Unlike biology my love for physics never deteriorated.  But then that too I could not pursue because my family wanted me to become Engineer.   So somehow I landed up being a Civil Engineer finally.

But then if physics was a kid, civil Engineer would be his other family member. Civil Engineering is the higher version of Physics. I don’t know how to describe ….very few vocabulary..what to do technical students aren’t good in English…..I didn’t say that, one of my lecturer did but I don’t know how true it is for other but it seems to be true in my case.  I have started to love this profession as I graduated gradually. And today after 8 month practicing engineering, this field still amazes me…. 
Some people feel pity on me when I return from the site with a big file on one hand and my hand bag filled with 5 m measurement tape, 30 m measurement tape, a note pad, pen, charger, headphone …you can find almost everything in my hand bag except cosmetics. They use to tell that a girl should not be a civil engineer…handling site is not meant for girls. I give them a very big grin and say” it is not that bad like you imagine, I actually enjoy being at site rather than staring at the computer screen whole day”.

Until next time take care and thank you for going through.


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