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Far away home

To the far away home To the far away home I stare And I stare with confusion There are people whom I love And there are people whom I care But in the midst of people I love and care There are people who scare me Sometime the reminder of that pain Pricks me and I never want to face it again Because I know I am too weak to face it again But I belong to that far away land The land which has given me so much The home which has always blessed me The friendship which has kept me going I owe them more than words can ever describe In this unknown land I reside now I feel neither pain nor the happiness And I enjoy this feeling of indifference But I question myself Am I really living? So I stare again to that far away home both with fear and love

Greeting from LATVIA

The Turkish airlines after almost 10 hours finally dropped us in the Riga air port leaving us in a place we never thought we would visit one day. We were welcomed with the cool breeze and all I could remember of telling my friend was “it is colder than Bhutan.” Unfortunately my friend lost her baggage and we had to report to the concerned authority. They helped us to file the complain and assured us that they would deliver the luggage to our apartment as soon as they get it. Our Erasmus buddy Inga and Laura, Latvian student who studies in Riga Technical University came to receive us. They had waited about three hours for us since we had mistaken the time of arrival. They helped us with everything and they were always there when we needed them. I don’t know how I can ever thank them for the help they rendered us. I have always loved to live in a quiet place and sometime my mother use to tell me that I should settle in some goenpa where I can be free from the noise of the people, honking…

Just a scene

She stole a look at him and he was there in his best black gho looking charming as ever. She pretended as if it didn’t affect her. He was concentrating hard in his physics class. She stole another look at him. It was advantage on her side since he use to sit in the first bench. He hardly talks with her and she tries hard to suppress her feelings for him. It’s just a swaying feeling she thought. He walks in front of her and she laughs thinking “weird guy have different walking style.” He halts and turns around to ask her friend for the physics practical note book. She acts as if she hadn’t notice him and pretends to be absorbed in her thought. “Why he didn’t ask my book” she heard herself talking to herself. “I did all the calculation and report and my friend just copied from me and he asks her instead of me. What is so wrong with me?” Another conversation with herself
There was a practical class and in the group of four he wasn’t there. Her friend tells her that he is not showing up fo…

Journey to Exchange program

At some point in life I feel that though I may not have everything that I desire, I do have everything that I need. A day before my departure to Latvia for the exchange program, I felt so heavy inside. I told myself several times that I will be just gone for about a year. I can’t show my weakness to my family member because I know they will be worried more than me. I never wanted to give my family member any trouble or worry. They deserve to be happy and I just can’t bear to see them unhappy because of me. But that was one part of the story.  I was worried about my mother as she usually gets sick when she is not happy. She never wanted to send me away from her. when I told her about my view on applying for the exchange program she said” I am not educated like you, I don’t know what is good or bad for you when it comes to your education but sending you away frets me out.”  I didn’t say anything though I had a bunch of reason for applying for the exchange program. Somehow nobody in the f…