Just a scene

She stole a look at him and he was there in his best black gho looking charming as ever. She pretended as if it didn’t affect her. He was concentrating hard in his physics class. She stole another look at him. It was advantage on her side since he use to sit in the first bench. He hardly talks with her and she tries hard to suppress her feelings for him. It’s just a swaying feeling she thought. He walks in front of her and she laughs thinking “weird guy have different walking style.” He halts and turns around to ask her friend for the physics practical note book. She acts as if she hadn’t notice him and pretends to be absorbed in her thought. “Why he didn’t ask my book” she heard herself talking to herself. “I did all the calculation and report and my friend just copied from me and he asks her instead of me. What is so wrong with me?” Another conversation with herself

There was a practical class and in the group of four he wasn’t there. Her friend tells her that he is not showing up for the practical class and she tells her “who cares…leave it if he does not want to do it” but she hears her own voice “you do stupid”. She starts doing her practical but every now and then she steals a look at the door to check whether he is coming or not. And after sometime he does. He walks with that expressionless face and talks to her friend. She acts as if she didn’t notice him. When he ask her question she gives a confusing answer or rather sarcastic suggestion like “you should go back to hostel and sleep if you can’t come on time.” he gives her a half smile. She tries not to blush. 

He sits in the first bench so that he can avoid seeing her since his attention turns around to her. He tries hard to concentrate in his physics class but her face with that smile he has seen in the morning pops in his mind every now and then. He walks in front of her so that he can hear her laughing and talking with her friend.  He hears “ouch sound” and turns around to check whether she was okays or not and realizes it as another girl. Out of embarassesment he asks her friend’s practical notebook. He steals a look at her and sees that she was busy watching skies “why does she make me feel so invisible. “He hears his voice.

He was watching football match when his phone rang. It was her friend calling him to come for practical class.” Damn it why did I forget.” He rushes to do the practical and sees her absorbed in her work. He asks her procedure and she says him to go back to hostel and sleep. Why does she hate me so much? he thinks
He walks away from her and joins other friend. He hears her giggling voice and turns around to see his friends near her. He was criticizing one of the class mates.  He was sitting idle in the corner when she came to return the instrument. He stands up to help her but instead of asking her to help he asks” is practical over?” she does not look at him and says “yes” and walks away. He followed the rest of the group including her. They were done with the practical and no one gave a damn shit to him. He walked lonely while she was accompanied with her ever best friend Phuntsho and rest of the group. She was laughing over the joke that Phuntsho was creating. He walked slowly since no one dared to care his absence but when they have walked some distance she turned around and looked at him. He tried to smile but to his dismay she turned back quickly.  But somehow his friends waited for him outside her hostel and he walked quickly to catch them. She bid good bye and went to her hostel.

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