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The Pride

One of the perks of studying outside our own country is to learn about other countries culture and tradition.  As I learn more about them I came to know that we have different culture and tradition which define who we are. When we meet foreigner we start to talk which is mostly initiated  by my other Bhutanese friends from our side  since I am a girl of few words and socializing was never a piece of cake for me.  Well I am trying to socialize with people and I think I am improving gradually.
Most of the people from European country do not have any idea about Bhutan. One of my friend from Germany said “who would have thought that a small country with less than a million people exist between two giant countries India and China.” Another girl from Korean said “I heard that you have king just like fairy tales.” She was so excited about it.  One of a girl from Taiwan said “I read that Bhutan is the happiest country, are you all happy?”  One day my Erasmus buddy asked me “Was Bhutan under so…


The primary aim we have when we join any institution is to get a degree or diploma certificate. No one would want to go to institution if those certificates are not provided.  We go to attend lecture to catch up with the attendance shortage or it is mandatory for everyone to attend class or sometime we genuinely want to learn something; something which we cannot get outside the four walls of institution. There may be other firms where they can provide some lecture but it will be difficult to find all sets of things we need in one place.  So institution is a grooming place to provide certificate to our bright near future provided we have done all the necessary preparation and fulfilled the requirement.
Though the primary aim of the institution is to provide a gateway to a professional life, it does take up the responsibility to cultivate values that we need in our everyday life. The values may not be taught as a separate module or it will not be pasted in notice board or a lecturer may …


Dear 2014, It has been a tough journey right?  So many things have happened over the past 11 and half month approximately. You have been harsh on me when the year started. Everything fell apart and you made me to weep days and days. There was time when I had to lie down because it was too painful to absorb everything. There wasn’t rage nor anger but only pain. Sometime I felt like the essence of life that is hope is draining away from me. Despite of all that things I thought if only just for once if you could listen to my unsaid words.  I cried in silence and wept in despair but you turned blind eye to me. I felt like I was buried alive because my voice failed to reach you. And I wondered for the first time if things will ever be okay again.
I didn’t know why you made me to go through such things but with shaken faith I still believed you. I knew you would not let me go through such things for long. Then one day you gave me the option to start over. I was confused, scared but I knew …

It is okay

When life bestows you with sadness, It is okay my dear to feel the pain For we should know the  essence of life To feel everything be it pain
When life turns its back on to you It is okay to be frustrated sometime Cry it out loud if you must Because not all are strong enough to bear it
When the goal seems miles away With no direction or clue to get towards it It is okay my dear to rest for a while Resume your journey when your head is cleared.
And when sunshine appears in your life It is okay my dear to embrace it fully Celebrate, express and feel it Don’t hesitate or fear of what might happen next
Life is but a series of journey So make it beautiful if you can If not accept it as it is Coz sometime things are better as they are