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The primary aim we have when we join any institution is to get a degree or diploma certificate. No one would want to go to institution if those certificates are not provided.  We go to attend lecture to catch up with the attendance shortage or it is mandatory for everyone to attend class or sometime we genuinely want to learn something; something which we cannot get outside the four walls of institution. There may be other firms where they can provide some lecture but it will be difficult to find all sets of things we need in one place.  So institution is a grooming place to provide certificate to our bright near future provided we have done all the necessary preparation and fulfilled the requirement.

Though the primary aim of the institution is to provide a gateway to a professional life, it does take up the responsibility to cultivate values that we need in our everyday life. The values may not be taught as a separate module or it will not be pasted in notice board or a lecturer may not tell you the list of values we need to have once we graduate from the university or institution. If we observe the values are everywhere, all we need is a little more observation and a little more appreciation.
Some of the values I appreciated during my 4 months stay in Riga Technical University and i hope i can practice those values.

  Time is important for everyone in this rapidly changing world. But if we need a task to be done everyone responsible should be well informed about it. I have observed this value from the first day I stepped into this institution.  Everyone was doing their task entrusted to them in a very systematic manner. Where ever I went people responsible for the task was well informed about it before hand. It was so easier for me and my work was done in a very smooth manner. Therefore as a student our responsibility is to learn and we should do it with sincerity and dedication because it is for our self. We are paving our own future.

Helping hand:
  Someone rightly said that lending a helping hand is better than the lips that pray. I went searching for a book in library in civil faculty department. I was there for the first time so the lady told me the whole procedure. Now this is her responsibility. It will not be taken as helping hand. I visited the library twice or thrice after that.  But what made me amazed was though I was aware of the whole system, she helped me search whole library for the book that I wanted. She was so kind that she had to go through a lot of racks just to find my book. We still could not find what I wanted. So I walked back to dormitory thinking that I will search in net. And after a day I received a mail from her with the name of the book that might help me. I was so happy not because I got the book but because someone total stranger helped me without even asking. I realized no matter whether we know or not, helping hand always leaves a good impact.  So as student we should not hesitate to extend help if one needs. No one is born with all things imprinted on their mind.  At the same time we should not hesitate to ask for help if we need because we will always gain when we share ideas and thoughts.

Approachable and Receptive:
There may be a time when it becomes so confusing to sort out things and for me there were a lot of such times. So Whenever I approached someone be it my tutor or my project guide they have always been receptive and approachable.  They listen to my ideas and they tell me what are the possibilities and necessary things that I have to do. Even when I mail them they were kind enough to reply me or give feedback on my work despite of their very busy schedule. Now I think being approachable and receptive will not only improve professional relationship between student and teacher, it will also improve the relation between the staff also. This type of values where you are receptive to new ideas and being approachable will help us to develop the overall view of the particular field.

P.S   It was a home assignment so i just felt like sharing. I think i should start thinking about what CST has installed in me. I know it will be more....:) Hope your university has also contributed a lot to your growth.

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