Dear 2014,
It has been a tough journey right?  So many things have happened over the past 11 and half month approximately. You have been harsh on me when the year started. Everything fell apart and you made me to weep days and days. There was time when I had to lie down because it was too painful to absorb everything. There wasn’t rage nor anger but only pain. Sometime I felt like the essence of life that is hope is draining away from me. Despite of all that things I thought if only just for once if you could listen to my unsaid words.  I cried in silence and wept in despair but you turned blind eye to me. I felt like I was buried alive because my voice failed to reach you. And I wondered for the first time if things will ever be okay again.

I didn’t know why you made me to go through such things but with shaken faith I still believed you. I knew you would not let me go through such things for long. Then one day you gave me the option to start over. I was confused, scared but I knew that I was holding on to something that was never there in the very first place. I didn’t know that letting go was tougher than holding on. On the other hand it was maybe once in a life time opportunity. So I took it because life is a long journey. I didn’t want to spoil the rest of my journey for something that was not meant for me. So I strolled on to my new journey both professionally and personally.

And I am here now in Latvia for past four months. It is weird how you made me weep but at the end you send all these beautiful things to mold me again. May be without such pain you could not have molded me. I know sometime I can be so adamant and I need such lesson.  I may never be who I was before but somehow I changed for good. I learnt to accept things, I learnt to let go and I learned to value those I have in my life. May be change is necessary; change the only permanent thing some wise person said. I hope that whatever I have learned through the ups and downs of my life, will take me to the better path. I hope that I can be better than who I was yesterday be it for the person I have in my life, be it in the my field of education or be it for my family and friends who stood by my side always.

So thank you 2014 for everything and sorry for bidding you farewell before you are ending. I always wanted to thank you and I know the last two weeks of 2014 will be another lovely journey. I hope 2015 will be another worth living year. I do not expect never ending happiness, all I expect is a worth living and learning years ahead.  So that one day when I look back I can take a deep breathe and say I did my best without any regret.
Farewell 2014 and welcome 2015
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