The Pride

One of the perks of studying outside our own country is to learn about other countries culture and tradition.  As I learn more about them I came to know that we have different culture and tradition which define who we are. When we meet foreigner we start to talk which is mostly initiated  by my other Bhutanese friends from our side  since I am a girl of few words and socializing was never a piece of cake for me.  Well I am trying to socialize with people and I think I am improving gradually.

Most of the people from European country do not have any idea about Bhutan. One of my friend from Germany said “who would have thought that a small country with less than a million people exist between two giant countries India and China.” Another girl from Korean said “I heard that you have king just like fairy tales.” She was so excited about it.  One of a girl from Taiwan said “I read that Bhutan is the happiest country, are you all happy?”  One day my Erasmus buddy asked me “Was Bhutan under some country before.” There were many questions which I barely remember as I am jotting it down now.

We have kings who devoted their whole life for the well being of the country and the people. They look after us though we are young democratic country now.  One of my friends said “Bhutan is poor but happy country.” I thought are we really happy and I could not answer to Taiwan friend at one go because I have never asked that question to myself before.  Am I happy being a Bhutanese?  People from other country who know about us consider us as the happiest people and being a part of country itself is something valuable. After a while I said “Yes indeed we are very happy but we do have our own share of problems. But despite of minor problem  Bhutan is a safe and happy country She nodded and said  that minor problem will be present everywhere. 

And to the last question we said with pride that our country was always Independent. We were never under any other country because of our visionary king. I felt proud being a Bhutanese despite of our small size or economic status.  So as we celebrate our National day (17th december) I wish our king without which we will never be who we are today, country and the people with lots of happiness and well being. May peace and prosperity shine in Drukyul under Wangchuk dynasty.
Pelden Drukpa Gyelo!
Wangchuk Dynasty: The visionary Monarch  of Bhutan
picture courtesy: Facebook

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