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Out of blue

It was raining heavily as I ran to a restaurant for a shelter. I have forgotten to take my umbrella as usual even though my wife reminded about it several times. As I walked inside the restaurant I came across a familiar face. Both of us looked at each other surprised. She grinned at me and we hugged each other. It has been a very long time since we last met. We studied in the same college and I had a crush on her for a very long time. I could not approach her nor did she show me any sign other than friendship. I knew I was friend zoned and there was not any way out. We drifted apart after college. But something unexpected happened on the night of our graduation. As I was packing my stuff she called me and told me that she wanted to meet me. We went on a friendly walk. There was not anything romantic about it as she kept on talking about the employment opportunities. In the middle of the conversation she started teasing me with a girl; a remorse she has heard from her friends about my relation with that unknown girl. I was bit pissed off with her as she kept on teasing me with that girl when all I wanted was to tell her how I feel about her. I told her that I was not interested in any unknown girl she was teasing me and I prefer only friendship just like the kind of friendship I have with her. She didn’t say anything; she just laughed and said that was the best thing. So that’s it, nothing romantic and we drifter apart.

took sit beside her as she ordered coffee for me. It was like the old time, how we use to eat in canteen with our limited pocket money. We talked about everything from job to spouse to kids. Then she said that she wanted to ask me something. She called it an old story. She asked me whether I felt anything for her during our college days. I laughed thinking how stupid those feelings were and told her that I did have crush on her. She also laughed and said some of her friends told her about his feelings. So it seems like no secret is ever kept secret. And it reminded me about that night. It stuck my mind that she actually wanted me to confess to her that night or may be propose if I am not mistaken. When I asked her she laughed and said that I did confess.

When I walked home that day after meeting her I wondered how my life would have been if I have actually told her. There were lots of questions and what if stuff in mind. At the end I thought if I was meant to be with her I would have been. Believe it or not at the end of day it is all about fate.  May be I don’t have any other excuses or anything to blame but fate. But as I saw my wife half way to my house with an umbrella, what if evaporated from my mind and I knew why sometime things are better of the way they are.

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Longest break

It has been very long time since I have last updated my blog. I do have bunch of excuses that are not valid. May be I am good at giving excuses only. Blog has been my only platform where I dump my emotional bull shit. The only reason I created my blog. It has been my savior when I was overwhelmed with emotions. The only time I wrote something was when I felt strongly about something.

I wrote my last post after getting back from Riga.  Thinking about my days in Riga still makes me smile. Most people feel happy when they go back to their home after being away. But It was opposite for me. As the day to leave Riga was approaching, I felt bit sad thinking that this beautiful part of my life will never come back again. There were other things waiting for me at home but I really wanted to hold on to what I had at that time. But then those beautiful days eventually ended and I was back home.

My twenty days summer break at home ended very quickly and I was back to CST. Before I left to Riga onl…

New beginning

What has happened in this past one year? Time seems to be fleeting at the speed of light.  During this time last year we were working on our final project presentation to the external examiner. This project stole my peace for two final semesters. I always wished it to be successful even though our project guide rejected this topic saying it’s beyond our level.  Yet we were determined to do mainly because we could not find any other project topic. So the journey of my project “Effect of foundation soil on the dynamic behavior of the building frame” thus began.  It was not a piece of cake and I often blamed myself for choosing such tough topic. Yet my love for exploring and my undying effort did bring some result at the end. Of course I did have my project group member to help me. When the final presentation was over and when they applauded, it was perhaps the best day till date. Getting appreciated for what you have been working for two semesters is perhaps the best feeling I have felt…

Khekpa or is it head hunter?

From my early childhood days itself, I use to hear people scaring their little ones by saying about khekpa.  How they kidnap you and then feed you good food and then put you in between walls to die. I don’t know how far it is true but to make it more realistic elders use to narrate stories about them. Well now when parents are narrating story as their supporting document how can we deny about it. So I always had that fear at the back of my mind and even now when I am adult I still get frightened when I hear about it.
 In the recent times there were rumours about khekpa in Nganglam.  I don’t know why but whenever there is some problem in some place I somehow reach that place.  It so happened that I actually chose to go to Nganglam for PHCB. Despite of piles of work in the office, I thought why not roam in Nganglam for few days. Of course more than roaming it was tiring like hell. During that time there were  rumors’ of khekpa. It  didn’t scare me while I was in Pema Gatshel. But there w…