Longest break

It has been very long time since I have last updated my blog. I do have bunch of excuses that are not valid. May be I am good at giving excuses only. Blog has been my only platform where I dump my emotional bull shit. The only reason I created my blog. It has been my savior when I was overwhelmed with emotions. The only time I wrote something was when I felt strongly about something.

I wrote my last post after getting back from Riga.  Thinking about my days in Riga still makes me smile. Most people feel happy when they go back to their home after being away. But It was opposite for me. As the day to leave Riga was approaching, I felt bit sad thinking that this beautiful part of my life will never come back again. There were other things waiting for me at home but I really wanted to hold on to what I had at that time. But then those beautiful days eventually ended and I was back home.

My twenty days summer break at home ended very quickly and I was back to CST. Before I left to Riga only, I knew that I will lose a year but then I would say it was a like a paid vacation; a year gained to experience some beautiful journey and happy times. Even though I was prepared to face the reality, somehow I searched for familiar faces in the college campus. I won’t say that there weren’t one but the faces I searched have already graduated. At that time only I knew how attached I have grown to my BE Civil engineering batch of 2011. I felt like how I had felt when I joined college in first year. That time only I realize that it is those people whom we spend our times with that matter than the surrounding. Everything was same in CST; yet everything was different.  I wished if only I have graduated with them but then a year away was also important for me.

The usual routine of college started and I got pretty busy with project, assignment, term test. Like before I again lost weight.  The only thing I am capable of when I am in CST.  So I have-not done anything interesting nor do I have anything interesting to share but time does fly so fast.  It is my final semester and I hope it goes well. And I also hope that I do not take such a long break from blogging.


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