New beginning

What has happened in this past one year? Time seems to be fleeting at the speed of light.  During this time last year we were working on our final project presentation to the external examiner. This project stole my peace for two final semesters. I always wished it to be successful even though our project guide rejected this topic saying it’s beyond our level.  Yet we were determined to do mainly because we could not find any other project topic. So the journey of my project “Effect of foundation soil on the dynamic behavior of the building frame” thus began.  It was not a piece of cake and I often blamed myself for choosing such tough topic. Yet my love for exploring and my undying effort did bring some result at the end. Of course I did have my project group member to help me. When the final presentation was over and when they applauded, it was perhaps the best day till date. Getting appreciated for what you have been working for two semesters is perhaps the best feeling I have felt so far. I think god surely help those who help themselves.

After graduating from CST, I was worried about the job market. There were enough civil engineers in the market with better marks. I wondered if I will ever get job. I was internally searching for jobs be it in private or on contract or corporations. While on the other hand I was also preparing for RCSE (Royal Civil Service Examination). I attended few interviews and always stood on the stand by…  Every time I saw the interview result I was like “what am I doing wrong in interview?” I don’t have the fear of doing presentation nor do I get scared in interview.  I do know that I have the confidence. Some of my friends pointed out that my weak physics or my seriousness would have hampered. I still don’t know…may be I am not smart enough I thought.

So I waited for RCSE result and everyone thought that I will get through except me. There were about like 270 + Civil engineers appearing for main exam  and only 33 slots in government agencies. I was 101% sure that I won’t get but my family was like you will get through. Even though I told them that I did badly my mother was like” there are good signs and I think you will get”. And somehow I got through. Of course I was not among the top rank and I didn’t expect also. Getting through was like way more ok for me.  May be good fell pity on me after seeing me working hard for it…  I guess god does help those who help themselves.

Now I have been working in Government for the past 5 months. I have been placed in Pema gatshel in Engineering Section. I never thought that I will be ever working in remote areas.  Having born and brought in the city (Thimphu) which is not so big compared to outside ofcourse, I thought life will be difficult in remote areas. So when I left for Pema Gatshel I thought how am I going to survive there?  But I was surprised by this place. It is remote yet there is also a beautiful life here. People are friendly and polite and easy to work with. Of course we get almost all the basic needs …..Pointing this out because I remember of asking my friend if we can get rice in Pema gatshel before coming here. I actually thought of buying rice and all basic things from Thimphu when coming here. My friend did scold me so I didn’t buy. It is also peaceful. Now when I go for tour to Thimphu, I Miss Pema Gatshel and I want to come back.  When I told one of my friends that I feel happy when I am back here, she was like “we always feel happy to be back to the house where we pay rent”. And maybe that is also right…I don’t know…

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