The forbidden path

She sought solace in the land of confusion and worry
The bitterness surrounding her
The core principle to remain independent .
The harshness of the world has implanted wound
Deep down beyond the power of healing.
She neither craved for the happiness nor acknowledged beauty that tries to embrace her
Engraved in the pool of sadness and hatred
Torn apart by the shattered dream, unrequited love, broken family.
Will she ever get out the of the cruel cage.
The time passes by but she remained chained by the unknown sadness.
There is neither summer nor spring for her.
Every changing weather brought more confusion and sadness.
Will she ever smell that fragrance of happiness.
A stranger passes her and for a very first time she tries to give herself another chance.
The question of confusion and doubt surrounding her she did what she never did before.
But that was also a fair weather beauty enveloped with lies,betrayal and disappointment
She steps backward from that forbidden path never to step back again.
Her scream of sadness remains unheard
Slowly she dies inside….

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