Was that a beginning?

She cuddled herself in her bed with a laptop resting against her two knees. She closed her eyes fearing what she would hear next. Her roommate slammed the door and went out. In the midst of fear and anxiety her cell phone rang. It was an unknown number. When she picked up her call it was a boy on the other side. She wanted to distract herself from the current situation and so she talked gently. She does not want to hurt anyone not at this moment when she is in need of the prayer the most. The stranger told her that he is from the same college and is final year. Oh he is a senior she thought. 
After telling her that he would tell her who he was later he hung up. Her roommate came back with a frightening expression.
“Is it that bad…I just had weirdest image popping up in my mind now and then. The images are so scary.” she ejaculated.
“She is in emergency room and the doctor is stitching wounds. I guess she is fine.”
Few hours before two of her friend have gone to town in order to buy things for the birthday celebration that was going to take place that night. But on the way back to college they had met with an accident. One of the friends was fine but the other suffered a great deal of injuries on her upper body.
“Oh what a relief thank god. “She murmured.
The stranger on the other side sent messages to her and she didn’t want to act so expensive so she replied back. The stranger wrote her that he likes chatting with her but she didn’t feel the same. She replied when he messaged her. He use to write to her in sharchop language and though her parents were from east she was brought up in west and so she wasn’t that familiar with the language. She could understand what he was writing but replying in sharchop was quite difficult for her so she used to reply in English only.
She got habituated to his messages and when he didn’t message her she wrote him first. They chatted through messages and one day he called her. They talked mostly about studies and hectic schedule and test coming up. The stranger has known who she was and how she was but she didn’t have a vague idea of who he was. And when she asked him about his identity he refused to reveal himself and she told him to reveal himself when he feels comfortable.
One day when she was going to her class she saw a boy staring at her, probably a third year. Her class was on the first floor and the third year class was on the ground floor. She doubted that he was that stranger and later she found out that she was right. He has sent friend request to her in one of the social network and they chatted. She asked whether he was the one sending messages to her but he denied. And after a while only he accepted.  She felt quite secure to chat with him because she observed that he was a descent and simple guy.
When they use to encounter she would look away feeling shy or she use to pretend as if she has not seen him. And in messages she wrote him that she felt embarrassed when she saw him. The chatting and calling each other continued for more than two months but the frequency of calling and messaging reduced. They chatted only after three or four days and called each other only once or twice in weeks. Before he use to call her and write to her first but now she felt that she was always the one writing or calling to him. She ignored what she felt and still wrote to him and called him. She was not a girl who gives up on things easily and she does not want to end up the friendship or was it more than that all of a sudden because of the egoistic nature of both. She tried but the interest from the other side seemed to be ebbing. She had got habituated to his messages that it was hard on her part to stay without sending any messages or calling to him.
One day she made up her mind and deleted his number and all the messages. She put an end to the messages and call and as expected he didn’t call her or messaged her. It was hard on her part but she tried. She use to check her call expecting message from him but he never wrote. She feared to acknowledge what she was feeling for him.
After few days he called her and told her that his mobile was out of order and so he could not contact her. He also told her that he expected at least a call from her and she laughed. I am so stupid she thought.

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