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Temporary Job...

During two months winter vacation, 28 students from third year civil engineering department including me joined National Housing Development Corporation Limited of Bhutan (NHDCL) on temporary basic. I personally took up this temporary job as I thought I will be getting field experience where I can apply whatever I have learnt in the class in the field and with the aim that   I will be getting better understanding about the civil engineering related work.

NHDCL is  as a corporation whose primary aim is to provide affordable rental and maintenances services to tenants of the houses taken over by the NHDCL from government. But the houses taken over by NHDCL didn’t have much detail as the buildings were old and the documents were not there regarding those buildings. Therefore In order to provide their services they have to get basic data about buildings such as its area in square feet, inventories, list of maintenance to be carry out, estimation of maintenance, classification of buildings and they have to revise the rent that they charge to the tenant based on the classification of the town. In addition to that they had to get each and every detail of the tenant which ranges from lower to high class, picture of the building.

These works were carried by 28 of us where we have to form in a group of three under a guidance of NHDCL staff who supported us when we had doubts and questions. Bhutan being a small country we have only 20 districts so 28 of us in a group of three took over different district so that we can complete our work during the given time. The nationwide housing survey started from 2nd December 2013 and ended on 30th January 2014. We had to report to the office by 9 am and leave at 5 pm . We work in field mostly in the morning and we had to do paper work in the afternoon. Sometimes when we could not complete our work on time we had to take home. Not having the experience of doing a job before i use to be totally drained out by the time i reach home.

Few of the challenges that we faced during our survey was not being able  to get the accurate dimension. The second challenge was to deal with all classes of people. The  third challenge was not being able to meet the tenant on the time.The fourth challenge was the weather condition as we had to do work in winter vacation.
At the end of the survey I learnt how to deal with people to how to work in the field. I have now the better understanding of the structure, I have become more observant and the interest towards the work of civil engineering has evolved a lot.
So I want to thank my guide Madam Sergi and other staff of NHDCL for making our job experience a wonderful one.

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