Some people can really understand us without even communicating. Even if we try to hide the sadness they would somehow make out that something is wrong. Even if we say that everything is all right, they would know that something is not ok.  And when days seems frustrating and sad they would make call when you need them the most as if like they were watching your every move. As if they were standing by our side like an invisible angel. Yet so far they would make us feel like they were there with us. And I am blessed to have someone like you by my side my dearest Big B(Your name in my phone book brother). Without you I know I won’t have the courage to face the world. You are my best friend, a mentor and an inspiration. You stood by my side when I was shinning bright, you stood by my side when I drowned, you didn’t judge me, you accepted me the way I was and you made me realize who I was and what I should do. I guess blood is thicker than water. Thank you brother for everything

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