She walks with her head held high
For she believe her heart is send for mend
She smiles with the people around
For she is a strong girl people think
But when night grows older
When she cocoons alone in her room
Does she cry for the heaviness inside
And  when the dawn breaks again
She puts that pretentious face of happiness
For she has to be happy for people who cares her
But  scar runs down  too deep to heal
She dare not to share the dream
Those dream which made her happy once
She has build a chamber around her
And in it she dwells now
Her trust over the life is shaken
But not her faith over the god
Even when her only aim shattered 
Her faith was not broken
And she is determined not to let it happen
She waits for the answer
For she knows it will take time
But god shall answer her eventually
For letting things happen she was not prepared for…

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