The acceptance

They sat there gazing at the clear night sky with a heavy load enveloped within, a cry of unhappiness running down their spine. They could wish nothing but to cherish that moment today because they knew that life is a series of moment and to miss that moment means missing a part of their life. During their short period of togetherness they have learned things that they would not have learned without each other company. They learned about friendship, love, compromises, trust, pain and above all they walked the miles together until they reached the junction of their life where they were bestowed with separate path.
Filled with the aura of awkwardness they could speak but only little. So many things has happened over the years of separation which was beyond the description of word, they didn’t know what had happened , they didn’t know how it had happened and they didn’t know why they had let it happen. If something is broken it could be fixed but when they didn’t know what was broken how can they fix.
He looked at her with the tender gesture of kindness and smiling conveying her that he was happy to be here tonight. She smiled back but it failed to depict the warmth of smile. She looked away unable to meet his gaze, trying to stare at the nothingness before her. As the night grew older they talked only about the things in their favor, the things that made them happy. The two soul hail from the different realm that there is world of difference between them but they felt happy that they stood by each other when they were in need.  Atleast she felt that way.
They would debate about gender, family, marriage, love, social life and even about lighting the candle and it’s under lying meaning.  Both would stand firmly on their views, not being able to convince one another.  One would eventually declare oneself as the winner and the other would laugh and would say if winning makes you happy then you take the tiara. But not tonight, they had so many things to say but were reluctant. Both were scared that if they say something wrong they would hurt each other.  Somehow the comfort zone they had felt in each other’s company seemed to have evaporated. They were two souls sitting on the same lawn; existing in different hemisphere. They could feel the changes like they had debated years ago. “We can come back to the same junction but it would never be same.” She had said with justification unable to convince him at a go.
Something has happened but what? They knew the answer now but were scared to accept. It was beyond the power of healing; the wounds were so deep. There was nothing left to hold on, hope has vanished leaving behind only the emptiness.They had walked very far away from the junction that coming back seemed like a  dream forgotten.  As the time rolled on, the time to say final adieu approached. She faced him now, looked straight into his eyes and clasped his hand.
“I was scared that you would do something to hurt yourself because of what happened. I am relieved now because I know that you are happy. And I want you to be happy forever and always. They say that the true joy in life appears once it is shared with the one you love, so may you find joy with what the new life has brought for you.” She said.
He cupped her face in his hand and looked into her eyes and said” Don’t worry about me; you should take care of yourself. Don’t take life so seriously, do enjoy it.”
She laughed as their difference started to appear again and she said “ I can’t take life lightly.”
“forgot about our difference” he said. They knew that their differences and that failure to accept each other’s difference have leaded them to take separate path. They have learnt that accepting the difference of individuality is also very important in life but that lesson came with the cost.
 They bid farewell knowing that may be they will never meet again and with heavy heart they continued the journey of their solitude.

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