Sometime when life gets harder
I will be there for you my brother
Like the forever and always promise
We shall stand together for days to come

Sadness is a part and parcel of life
But with your criticism and humor
 I forget to dwell in it sometime
For you make me laugh like never before

We played pranks, laughed and cried
 Hide and took blame for each other’s mistake
 Saving from mother’s thunderous scolding
For it will prick you right in the core of heart

You took responsibility at such a tender age
I felt deeply sorry as you had to sacrifice a lot
But never did you made us feel anything
Such a selfless and kind person you are

 Though you appear merry and gay outside
I know deep down sadness lurks in you
Because we have listened to our Walter mitty thought.
And I pray sincerely because you deserve a lot.

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