Flickering light

She stood there for a longer time
Gazing at the closed door before her
Not knowing whether to turn back or wait further
But there was no signal of light from the other

She debated with herself several times
 Pretended it will be ok to wait for sometime
Despite the fact that there wasn’t anything left
And whenever she was reminded about it she wept

In fear and confusion she walked away finally
With a final gaze at the closed door sadly
It was scary for her in the beginning
 Has got used to see her hopes draining

 Time strolled slowly for her but for a while
As she adjusted to her new welcoming life
The flickering light grew brighter with each passing days
And she could not help it but to be in gay

There was twinkle in her once sad eyes
Music on her once forgotten song
And in the rain she danced openly
Enjoying every moment of her life fully

And I stood there speechlessly
Feeling happy for my friend ceaselessly
And relaxed did I walk away leaving a note
That said enjoy my poem from the unknown poet.

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