“Staro Riga 2014”

“Staro Riga 2014” Festival of light is a part of Riga carnival which stands for happiness and change.  It is scheduled for five evening from 14 to 18 of November 2014. It presents the idea of transformation and lighting up of the city, building, windows and façade. It tries to provide people with the feeling of adventure, exploration and discovery.

 I was excited when friends told me that the city looked so beautiful. So not wasting much time me and my apartment mates headed to the city. When I entered the city I felt like I was entering into a different realm. Riga is not a big city, but it is a beautiful one even during the day light. At night when the city is decorated with lights the view is splendid. There was showcase of the work by various artists from Latvia, Lithuania, France, Portugal etc showing their globally acclaimed work during light festival. I don’t know how other people felt but I was so amazed. I started to think what would we do if there was not greatest invention like light particularly the great Thomas Elva Edison’s invention the light bulb. My appreciation to this great man increased by many folds that night. So to be a part of the event where they show the importance of such invention is a beautiful experience, once in a life time opportunity at least for me. If lucky enough I hope I get to attend such events in the near future. 

 .Picture courtesy: myself, chimi, Osk seung, Tashi 
Video courtesy : Ingus  Betman

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