Monday, November 24, 2014

Be true to yourself

There comes a time in our life when we really want to do something or feel something. But somehow we are scared that something wrong might happen and we back off. People say take risk or fly off the comfort zone. But does it really penetrate into our minds or is it just empty words barking at us. Despite of reading inspiration quotes first thing in the morning for more than a month now the only thought I have in my mind is am I running after a wild goose chase or am I missing out something?

Sometime I run out of words and even opinions. Sometime I even don’t know what is good or bad or right or wrong. Everything that is happening becomes acceptable that sometime I wonder what is happening to me.   Am I too scared to be judged by others if I say something?  If we pour out our disappointment then someone would definitely say not to give a shit about it. But are we really strong that way, are we tough inside out?  Do we not really care when others pass judgment to us? Or do we pretend to be not bothered by it just to conceal our weaker side.

If we have something to tell why do we have to think a lot to speak up, may be truth is bitter but it’s the truth after all. If we care or love someone why are we so scared to express it fully or love whole heartedly? Is it because of the fear that someone may take us for granted or is it because we don’t want to be judged or is it because we are too egoistic to admit that this things does not matter though it does. Or is it because you just want to evoke others feelings just to leave them in pain just for your sake of fun. Can anyone be so cruel? Or are we just scared because we don’t know what is going on.  Or are we habituated being like that that we have become indifference. What is the harm in giving 100 % while dealing with such things? What is the harm in being honest, loyal or trust worthy?  Did these three words have become too much to expect nowadays? May be things will never work out fine even if we have done everything we could. We may land up with not so many friends or acquaintance but do we need them all? I think having few true friends or someone whom we can trust with all our heart and soul will suffice everything.  

I read somewhere that deep down every one is a lonely person. Is it true?  May be it is because no one will ever understand ourselves better than us.  May be having someone whom you can trust and love can make us forget about the loneliness lurking beneath us. But if we are really not happy with our self will we ever be happy? How long are we going to be in a circle who forbids us from being ourselves? How long are we going to stand on others expectation until we lose who we are?  That would be the greatest tragedy and the mean thing we will ever do to ourselves. 

So does not matter how outside world is because it is our life. We may be having our own discipline and way of living life and all that matter is we follow it accordingly.  Don’t look back one day and regret for being someone else.  Life may not be always happy but pain is also essential. And what matters at the end is not loosing who you are and what you are throughout this not so smooth path of life.

Monday, November 17, 2014

“Staro Riga 2014”

“Staro Riga 2014” Festival of light is a part of Riga carnival which stands for happiness and change.  It is scheduled for five evening from 14 to 18 of November 2014. It presents the idea of transformation and lighting up of the city, building, windows and façade. It tries to provide people with the feeling of adventure, exploration and discovery.

 I was excited when friends told me that the city looked so beautiful. So not wasting much time me and my apartment mates headed to the city. When I entered the city I felt like I was entering into a different realm. Riga is not a big city, but it is a beautiful one even during the day light. At night when the city is decorated with lights the view is splendid. There was showcase of the work by various artists from Latvia, Lithuania, France, Portugal etc showing their globally acclaimed work during light festival. I don’t know how other people felt but I was so amazed. I started to think what would we do if there was not greatest invention like light particularly the great Thomas Elva Edison’s invention the light bulb. My appreciation to this great man increased by many folds that night. So to be a part of the event where they show the importance of such invention is a beautiful experience, once in a life time opportunity at least for me. If lucky enough I hope I get to attend such events in the near future. 

 .Picture courtesy: myself, chimi, Osk seung, Tashi 
Video courtesy : Ingus  Betman

Monday, November 10, 2014

Flickering light

She stood there for a longer time
Gazing at the closed door before her
Not knowing whether to turn back or wait further
But there was no signal of light from the other

She debated with herself several times
 Pretended it will be ok to wait for sometime
Despite the fact that there wasn’t anything left
And whenever she was reminded about it she wept

In fear and confusion she walked away finally
With a final gaze at the closed door sadly
It was scary for her in the beginning
 Has got used to see her hopes draining

 Time strolled slowly for her but for a while
As she adjusted to her new welcoming life
The flickering light grew brighter with each passing days
And she could not help it but to be in gay

There was twinkle in her once sad eyes
Music on her once forgotten song
And in the rain she danced openly
Enjoying every moment of her life fully

And I stood there speechlessly
Feeling happy for my friend ceaselessly
And relaxed did I walk away leaving a note
That said enjoy my poem from the unknown poet.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Energy efficient construction

The population of the earth is approximately 7 billion at present.  It is estimated that it will double every after 60 years [3].  With the number of inhabitants increasing there is more demand for energy to provide comfortable and suitable living standard. On the other hand the primary source of energy such as oil and natural gas are limited and are at the verge of depleting.  Many have forecasted the time when it might happen but it is sure that it will happen in the near foreseeable future [3]. In some parts of the world like Bhutan a very small country where the oil and natural gas are imported from outside, the prices of these resources has been increasing annually. This indicates that the demand is more while the supply is less which leads to increase in price.

Due to the excessive or inefficient use of energy, there is emission of green house gases. It was found out that energy consumption alone in the residential building accounts for about 70% of global carbon dioxide emission [2]. Hence the climate change is becoming inevitable and it is posing a great threat globally. Nature has already sent its warning. There is rising of sea level, melting of glaciers, extreme climatic condition, drought and the list goes on. If necessary actions are not taken now then this generation people will be regarded as the generation who ignored the signs of nature[2].

The residential sector in Bhutan is the highest energy consumer, accounting for 48.7% of the total energy consumption [4]. Most of the energy is used for either space heating or cooling. In Western Europe 52% of energy is consumed to maintain acceptable environmental conditions within buildings [1]. Therefore if we do not have proper building construction the loss of heat will be quite high. This will consume more energy. Energy saving can be taken up in the various method. There should be plans and strategy to save limited primary resources from waning.   There is high potential of using energy efficiently in residential building by recognizing energy efficient construction. Once the method is found out, it should be implemented. According to the studies that was carried out in 2008, it says that the potential for saving energy from building were equivalent to 15 times the installed wind power capacity in Europe [2].

While implementing energy efficient construction there are various attributes that can be taken into consideration like energy loss reduction, efficient energy generation and efficient energy usage. The implementation of energy saving construction like use of insulation for thermal properties might increase the initial cost.  But it will be profitable in the long term as it minimizes maintenance cost as well as cost for space heating or cooling. Thus saving energy as well as utility cost in the long run.


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 The above article was some finding that i came across while preparing some reports. I thought it is informative so i felt like sharing

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Sometime when life gets harder
I will be there for you my brother
Like the forever and always promise
We shall stand together for days to come

Sadness is a part and parcel of life
But with your criticism and humor
 I forget to dwell in it sometime
For you make me laugh like never before

We played pranks, laughed and cried
 Hide and took blame for each other’s mistake
 Saving from mother’s thunderous scolding
For it will prick you right in the core of heart

You took responsibility at such a tender age
I felt deeply sorry as you had to sacrifice a lot
But never did you made us feel anything
Such a selfless and kind person you are

 Though you appear merry and gay outside
I know deep down sadness lurks in you
Because we have listened to our Walter mitty thought.
And I pray sincerely because you deserve a lot.